Rugelach Ready!

The rugelach was great and interesting.  I have made these (not this recipe) quite often and this shape was new to me.  I have in the past rolled the dough into a circle and cut wedges and then rolled them like a croissant.  I think they are a little prettier however this method makes it more difficult to get cookies to be a consistent size.  I am warming up to this method of rolling and cutting! The pastry was great to work with, very easy to roll and fill.  They were moist and full of flavor and a big hit with all that I offered the opportunity to “taste test!”  I think the only other observation I would offer is that I had a lot of leftover apricot but I am always using it in other ways so there was no waste.  I split the fillings between the two pieces of dough since nuts are not so popular in my group.  I loved them both!  I also love things that can be made “over time”.  I rarely have the time or energy to do it all at once so this was perfect.  As an alternate flavor, besides changing the types of dried fruit to use, is to try raspberry instead of apricot, it’s a great combo with cinnamon.

Full Moon Tuesday

It was one of those days but fresh bread always makes it right!  Made the bread again today but at school with my students.  It was great….just like I expected.  I took pictures just have to figure out how to post them!!!  Made the recipe with two teams of kids and no variations, the sign of a great recipe when kids can make it too!  Big, beautiful and perfect slicing.  Have also made some of the variations including cinnamon raisin and cinnamon swirl.  Great breakfast breads for toasting and for french toast!

A Perfect recipe!

Made the bread  yesterday.  It was really cold here so a perfect day and it made the house smell wonderful!  The bread came out perfect, the dough was silky and wonderful to handle.  Have already finished one loaf!  Love the idea about the swirl.  Will make it again tomorrow and try it out.